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giving regularly

Our Centre is run on generosity: of the teachers who teach classes and lead retreats, of the volunteers who give their time and energy, and of the Sangha, who create our community. We don't receive grants or outside contributions: instead, our income is made up of donations, as well as payments for courses and classes. We are supported by those we benefit.

One way to give is to set up a standing order. These monthly donations contribute to the Centre's well-being and help us shift to a stable, relaiable income that allows us to both plan ahead and respond spontaneously. Whether you give £5 or £25, your generosity gives us more freedom to spread the Dharma.

If you would like more information about how to set up a standing order, email info@norwichbuddhistcentre.com, or pick up a leaflet in the Centre.

leaving a legacy

Keep the Three Jewels Shining

By leaving a gift in your will to the Triratna Community, you can help our new, exciting initiatives  continue. We want to ensure our community remains united and vibrant: keeping the Three Jewels shining worldwide.

Over the past 40 years, Triratna Centres and projects have changed the lives of many people across the world. With your help, we can ensure the future of this work. There is no minimum amount of money (and no minimum value of gift) that can be left in a will.


There are two main ways to make a bequest to Triratna:

Click here for details on how to make a will.

giving as a spiritual practice

Karuna: Compassion in Action

There are 250 million people in India who suffer fear, oppression and violence because of their caste or ethnicity. They are routinely denied basic human rights including access to education, healthcare, legal protection and decent livelihoods.

Since 1980 Karuna has worked closely with members of India’s Dalit community, oppressed by a caste system that has designated them as 'untouchable'.

Karuna strives to help oppressed people to develop the skills, dignity and confidence to transform their lives and take their rightful place in society.

If you are inspired to help Karuna, you can read more about donating to them here.

If you are a practicing Buddhist and are interested in volunteering for a Karuna Appeal or Telephone Campaign then we would be glad to hear from you. There are limited spaces each year, so it’s a good idea to apply in good time. (*Please note, you need to be living in London to take part in one of our telephone campaigns as they are based in London and are non-residential.) You can read more about Karuna appeals here.

Order benevolent fund

The Abhayaratna Trust

We are a charitable trust of the Triratna Buddhist Community. Our aim is to ensure that all ordained members facing old age, sickness and disability are able to engage and contribute to the spiritual community that they have helped to build. We are the only charity serving the Order in this way and there is no outside source of funding. Over the last 3 years the Abhayaratna Trust has made available £15,137 to 26 Order members worldwide, for example to attend Triratna retreats and gatherings. The Abhayaratna Trust aspires to be a channel to direct your generosity so that resources flow to those who need it most.