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The Centre has a core team of Chair, Treasurer and Coordinators. The Chair oversees the general direction of the Centre, meets with people and takes forward new projects. The Treasurer keeps an eye on all things money-oriented and has a general overview of the Centre finances. The Cordinatators oversee the general running and administration of the Centre, organising volunteers, working on publicity, fundraising,social media and the website.

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The Centre wouldn't be possible if we didn't have a healthy bunch of qualified people to lead and run all of the classes, courses, retreats and events that we put on. Our teachers offer their time and experience as they give guidance and encouragement, helping people to deepen and develop their practice of meditation, Buddhism and yoga. All the people who teach at the Centre have been practising for many years and most are Order Members who have made a deep commitment to the Buddhist Path.

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The Council is the legal governing body of the Charity and meets monthly to discuss new initiatives, current issues and financial matters relating to the Centre.

It currently has nine members: Vajragupta (Chair), Dayapanna (Treasurer), Sujana, Sinhadakini, Maitrisingha, Jnanasalin, Bodhivajra (Secretary), Saroja and Satyagita.

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The Norwich Buddhist Centre President, Paramabandhu, has completed a new book tittled ‘Practical Buddhism. Mindfulness and Skilful Living in the Modern Era'. Paramabandhu has lived and taught at the London Buddhist Centre for over 20 years. He is the clinical director of Breathing Space, the health and well-being wing of the London Buddhist Centre, which teaches mindfulness meditation for depression, addiction and for carers. He has recently developed Kindness Behaviour Training (KBT) to complement the mindfulness courses at Breathing Space. Here he introduces himself:


"I have been involved with the London Buddhist Centre for over 25 years. For most of that time I have been living in communities at the centre.  I was ordained in 1990 and later became the mitra convenor and then the chair of the centre. Alongside my involvement with the centre I have been working as a psychiatrist. I specialized in addiction psychiatry and for the last 11 years I have been working in an alcohol service in Islington.

During my time as chair we undertook major building works to the centre. There was a lot of renovation and upgrading that needed doing such as putting in central heating to the community spaces above the centre and removing old gas and water piping. In addition we extended and remodelled the ground floor entrance and created a whole new area with shrine room in the basement.

This created a place where we could run our Breathing Space activities. Breathing Space is the health and well-being wing of the centre, which I have been very involved in, particularly running meditation for depression and meditation for addiction courses. This has been a nice way of bringing my professional skills into use at the centre. As well as helping people to grow, I have a passion for plants. Over the last decade I have had the good fortune to be able to oversee the development of the gardens at Vajrasana retreat centre. The gardens are based around the theme of five Buddha mandala, with an area dedicated to each of the five Buddhas, as well as some gardens devoted to some of the bodhisattvas. The gardens have still a long way to go and I run three gardening retreats each year to help look after the gardens as they gradually mature and evolve."

You can read more about the role of a President on our "What Is...?" page.