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Centre Co-ordinator


Hester joined the team as a Centre Co-ordinator in January 2017, having attended the centre for a number of years. As well as the day to day running of the centre, Hester is involved in the creation of the programme and overseeing finances. Hester also works as a yoga teacher, running regular classes in Norfolk, and retreats around the country (you can find out more about her yoga teaching programme here). She'll be running a number of workshops at the centre in 2018.

When she's not at the Buddhist Centre, Hester loves being out in nature and going wild swimming throughout the year.

Centre Co-ordinator


Maitrisingha has been on the team since May 2014. He first came to the Buddhist Centre in the summer of 2001, became a Mitra in 2004, and was recently ordained in 2018. His name means "Lion of Loving Kindness". He enjoys working at the centre in a variety of administrative roles, and helping to create an environment in which people can really grow and develop.

Maitrisingha also has a connection with the growing Polish Sangha, based in Krakow in the south of Poland, and hopes to support it more in the future.

Outside of the Buddhist Centre,Maitrisingha enjoys playing jazz on his bass guitar. He also teaches English and Polish privately.

photo by Alexandra Bone: www.alexandrabone.co.uk

Centre Co-ordinator



Sarvananda originally hails from Glasgow but Norfolk has been his home now for about twenty five years. An Order member since 1987, he has been very involved with the Norwich Buddhist Centre and the movement - teaching, giving talks and wearing a variety of different hats. He is the Centre's Education officer and regularly hosts school visits to the Centre. He's currently teaching an introductory Buddhism course with Sujana.

He is the author of an introductory book on Buddhism, "Meaning in Life" and another called "Solitude and Loneliness", both published by Windhorse. He also writes plays for BBC Radio.

Centre Co-ordinator


Mari has been a part of the team since May 2017. She first visited the centre while studying for her art degree in 2009, but became more involved in 2014 when she started going on regular retreats. Mari is involved in the publicity side of the centre, as well as it's day to day running.

When not at the centre she works as a Massage and Craniosacral Therapist, and is currently training in Somatic Movement Therapy. She plays in a band who perform regularly around the city (you can hear their music here) and loves any opportunities to be out in nature.

Centre Chair


‘she who protects spiritual values and is protected by the diamond thunderbolt’

Vajragupta became Chair of the Buddhist Centre in November 2018, having rejoined the Council earlier in the year. She was ordained in 1997 and enjoys sharing her meditation experience and Buddhist practice at our classes.

As Chair, Vajragupta oversees the spiritual welfare of the Centre alongside the other Trustees. The Norwich Buddhist Centre is part of a worldwide Triratna Community, so Vajragupta also ensures that our Centre’s aims and practices are guided by the vision of our founder, Urgyen Sangharakshita, of a progressive and vibrant Buddhist Community.