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Embodied Dharma - A Series of Talks and Explorations for Women Mitras and Order Members

Fri 12 Nov 6.30pm - 8.30pm
At Norwich Buddhist Centre
(NB: If new Covid restrictions are imposed prior to 12th Novt this event will take place via Zoom)

Shame, Sex and Sensuality -Led by Shraddhadhi

Our lower body holds so much of our potential yet our stories and history often keep us disconnected from fully embodying this power.

As women we have bodies that are geared towards intuition, deep restorative stillness and to allow the whole spectrum of emotions, from deep compassion to rage, to move through us. Often we are disengaged from the connection with our lower bodies and so we lose touch with the source of those deeper creative energies that are life giving, sensual and pleasurable.

Come join us for an evening of exploration where led simple embodiment exercises will guide us back into our lower bodies and reawaken us to our feminine energies.

By donation. Booking essential.


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