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Living Buddhism Foundation Course - Term 3

Our beliefs and ideas about reality have a major effect on how we live and feel. This is the third term of our comprehensive and in-depth one-year course, which offers a thorough grounding in the key teachings and principles of Buddhism. It is also a great chance to explore Buddhism with other like-minded people. Open to those who have completed an Introductory Buddhism Course. Led by Sarvananda and Vajraguptā.

Before booking please get in touch with the Centre to register your interest.

Mondays 7 – 9pm
Term 3: 7 Oct to 9 Dec
10 week course £90/£70

This year long course will restart in Jan 2020

Buddhism Course

'Exploring Transience and Transformation'

The Buddha pointed out three key truths: we can change; happiness comes from inside, not from outer things; we are interconnected with others and the world around us. What do you think? A six-week course of discussion with threads of meditative practice. Open to all, experienced and newcomers alike.

Led by Suryadarshini and Viryashalin

Thursday nights 7 – 9pm
7 Nov to 12 Dec
6 week course £65/£50