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Three Jewels Night

At the Centre from 7 Sept 2021

Three Jewels Night - A Theme for 2021

We're keen to try something a bit different, and so we're going to have a single theme for the whole of the year.

Throughout 2021 we'll be looking at the Triratna System of practice. So we'll be exploring Integration, Positive Emotion, Receptivity, Spiritual Death and Spiritual Rebirth.

We'll be exploring it in all sorts of ways. Talks and Discussion, Reflection, Ritual, Shared Practice and most importantly by simply connecting as a Sangha.

Each week will be stand-alone, so you don't need to commit to the whole season, and you don't need to have any particular level of practice.

We're also going to spend a bit more time catching up with each other, and so we'll start each evening with a chance to have a bit of a chat and just reconnect with the Sangha. Something we've all been missing during the various lockdowns.

It would be great to see as many of you as possible so we can start the New Year together by sharing our practise, our friendship and our Sangha.

Every Tuesday, 7.15 – 9pm

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NBC reference for donation by bank transfer - 3JND plus YOUR SURNAME

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Embodied Dharma - A Series of Talks and Explorations for Women Mitras and Order Members

Fri 22 Oct 6.30pm - 8.30pm
At Norwich Buddhist Centre
(NB: If new Covid restrictions are imposed prior to 22nd Oct this event will take place via Zoom)

Embodied Meditation Exploring Direct Experience and Insight - with Karunachitta

What do we mean by body? and what would an embodied approach to meditation feel like? This will be exploration in Direct Awareness, i.e.. an exploration not filtered by the habits of the thinking mind with its likes and dislikes, and it’s familiar storyline.

What we can find, with totally fresh eyes, is an experience that is really always there, but goes un-noticed; one of relaxed Spaciousness, Openness, Kindness and Liberation.

This evening will include body meditation and a short talk as well as discussion.

By donation. Booking essential.

This is the second in a series of Embodied Dharma Workshops for Women Mitras. Save the dates for the coming workshops:

‘Sensuality, shame and sex.’ 6.30pm, November 12 with Shraddadhi


Embodied Dharma - A Series of Talks and Explorations for Women Mitras and Order Members

Fri 12 Nov 6.30pm - 8.30pm
At Norwich Buddhist Centre
(NB: If new Covid restrictions are imposed prior to 12th Novt this event will take place via Zoom)

Shame, Sex and Sensuality -Led by Shraddhadhi

Our lower body holds so much of our potential yet our stories and history often keep us disconnected from fully embodying this power.

As women we have bodies that are geared towards intuition, deep restorative stillness and to allow the whole spectrum of emotions, from deep compassion to rage, to move through us. Often we are disengaged from the connection with our lower bodies and so we lose touch with the source of those deeper creative energies that are life giving, sensual and pleasurable.

Come join us for an evening of exploration where led simple embodiment exercises will guide us back into our lower bodies and reawaken us to our feminine energies.

By donation. Booking essential.


Study Day with Paramabandhu

Sunday 24th October 10 - 4pm
At Norwich Buddhist Centre

Paramabandhu, our Centre President, joins us to lead another inspiring study day at the Centre on Vasubandhu’s Thirty Verses on Consciousness Only.

This pithy, rich teaching will be explored during the day through a mix of talks and discussion.

Vasubandhu was one of the main founders of the Yogacara school of Mahayana Buddhism.On this day we will study and meditate upon his Thirty Verses of Consciousness Only, which is his summary of the key teachings of the Yogacara.

10am - 4pm

By Donation

Please bring your own lunch rather than food to share so that everyone can be Covid comfortable.


To experience or express joy in difficult times such as these can often seem inappropriate or even unfeeling. Yet why, traditionally, has joy been such an important aspect of the Buddhist path? How does joy differ from superficial pleasure and how can we set up the conditions to bring more joy into our lives?

Sarvananda will be exploring and, hopefully, experiencing the topic with us through short talks, discussion, meditation and reflection.

" O let us live in joy, although having nothing. In joy let us live like spirits of light!" - the Dhammapada

Sunday 12th December at the Centre

10am to 1pm

Led by Sarvananda

Suitable for all those who are acquainted with the two meditations we teach.

£15 / £12 concessions