Meditation / Events

Online Meditation Extended Class - Beyond Mindfulness - A Space Odyssey

A two hour online meditation class. This is an opportunity to develop a more profound experience and understanding of mind in meditation, all in an atmosphere of stillness and calm. Open to experienced meditators who have at least 6 months regular, dedicated meditation practice.

After booking we'll send through details of how to join via Zoom.

Sun 26 Apr 10am – 12 noon

Led by Dayapanna

£12 / £10

Tonglen Meditation Day


Sun 24 May

10am - 4pm

The practice of giving and receiving, where we aspire to transform the suffering of others using a combination of visualisation, metta and the experience of the breath. Tonglen is the central practice within the larger framework of the Tibetan buddhist practice of lojong, the 7-point mind training, the gradual letting go of an ego-centred worldview in order to bring about the arising of the Bodhicitta, the complete turning of the heart and mind towards enlightenment.

Suitable for regular meditators, experienced in our two meditation practices, the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana

Led by Jnanabhasa

£30 / £22

Please bring a vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share

Silent Retreat Day - Opening the Door into Silence


Sun 31 May
10.30am – 4pm

We rarely have time to experience our vibrant, vivid aliveness, free of our “to do” lists and social obligations. Silence can be refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing. Step through the Buddhist Centre door into a silent day, where we will explore the spaciousness inherent in silence. The day will include periods of meditation, reflection, relaxation and a sound bath. For those familiar with our meditation practices.

Led by Vajraguptā

£30 / £22

Please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share