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The online space for the Triratna Buddhist Community. You can read current news going on throughout the movement, browse images and photographs taken by members of the Triratna Community, read about Buddhism and meditation, and find out about our history. This is the gateway into our movement - read on, give feedback, ask questions.

online sound and text

Free Buddhist Audio

Free Buddhist Audio is the home of the online service of sound and text archives of the Triratna Buddhist Community. They distribute collections as they make digital versions of them, and it's where you'll also find community users from all over the world uploading their own archives.

Enjoy a wide selection of talks, interviews, seminars, and question-and-answer sessions from the early 1960s to the present day. You can also find guided meditations to listen to at home.

The site is free, but do consider making a donation when you download a track so FBA can keep this resource available to all. Click "more" for links to their blog and to download updates.




Alokadhara's review

Perspectives on the Satipatthana by Analayo

Alokadhara, who has an MA in Buddhist Studies from the University of Sunderland, reviews Analayo's new book.

A very thorough and appreciative review of Anālayo’s fine new book concerning mindfulness in early Buddhist teachings. Read the review here.

Find the book here.

Triratna Community's publishing wing

Windhorse Publications

Windhorse Publications is a Buddhist charitable company based in the UK. We place great emphasis on producing books of high quality that are accessible and relevant to those interested in Buddhism at whatever level. We are the main publisher of the works of Sangharakshita, the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order. Our books draw on the whole range of the Buddhist tradition, including translations of traditional texts, commentaries, books that make links with contemporary culture and ways of life, biographies of Buddhists, and works on meditation.

You can find out more about us or order books and e-books here.

As a not-for-profit enterprise, we ensure that all surplus income is invested in new books and improved production methods, to better communicate Buddhism clearly in the 21st Century.

We welcome donations to help us continue our work - to find out more, pleaseclick here.

The Windhorse is a mythical animal that flies over the earth carrying on its back three precious jewels, bringing these invaluable gifts to all humanity: the Buddha (the ‘awakened one’), his teaching, and the community of all his followers.

Breathworks for Mindfulness

For over ten years, Breathworks' Mindfulness-based Living Well with Pain and Illness and Living Well with Stress courses have offered more than 2,000 people living with chronic pain and stress the potential to improve and transform their quality of life. Visit to read more about Breathworks, or contact a teacher in the Norwich area:

Sinhadakini (Paula Grierson):

audio recording

Dhammapalam Gatha

A teaching of the Dharma chanted in Pali, the Dhammapalam Gatha translates as 'verses that protect the truth'. Set to music, this is a piece that beautifully evokes the heart of the Buddha's teachings.

Bodhivajra recorded this chant here; listen for enjoyment or to learn the words (reproduced below, or click here for a formatted documented). You can also access it at here.

Contact the Centre at if you can't access the audio file.

image credit: Caroline Barrett

Dhammapalam Gatha

Verses that Protect the Truth

verses in Pali

Sabbapapassa akaranam
Kusalassa upasampada
Etam Buddhanam sasanam.

Dhammam care sucaritam
Na nam duccaritam care.
Dhammacari sukham seti
Asmim loke paramhi ca.

Na tavata dhammadharo
Yavata bahu bhasati.
Yo ca appam pi sutvana
Dhammam kayena passati,
Sa ve dhammadharo hoti
Yo Dhammam nappamajati.
N’atthi me saranam annam
Buddho me saranam varam
Etena saccavajjena
Hotu me jayamangalam

N’atthi me saranam annam
Dhammo me saranam varam
Etena saccavajjena
Hotu me jayamangalam.
N’atthi me saranam annam
Sangho me saranam varam
Etena saccavajjena
Hotu me jayamangalam.

Namo Buddhaya
Namo Dhammaya
Namo Sanghaya

Sadhu sadhu sadhu

English translation

Not to do evil
To cultivate the good
To purify the mind
This is the Teaching of the Buddhas.

Lead a righteous life
Not one that is corrupt.
The righteous live happily
Both in this world and the next.

He is not versed in Dhamma who
Merely speaks much. He who
hears but a little (of the teaching) but
sees the Truth and observes it well
indeed he is truly called
 ‘one versed in Dhamma’.

No other refuge than the Wake
Refuge supreme is there for me.
Oh by the virtue of this truth
May grace abound and victory!

No other refuge than the Truth
Refuge supreme is there for me.
Oh by the virtue of this truth
May grace abound and victory!

No refuge but the Fellowship
Refuge supreme is there for me.
Oh by the virtue of this truth
May grace abound and victory!

Hommage to the Buddha!
Hommage to the Dhamma!
Hommage to the Sangha!

chants and mantras

Longing by Mahasukha

Longing is the new online album by Mahasukha and is available to download for £7. Download album here

Shakyamuni Mantra *   Green Tara Mantra
Padmasambhava Mantra    *    Manjughosa Mantra Remix
Avalokitesvara Mantra    *    She Is
Padmasambhava Mantra ll       *      Padmasambhava Mantra ll (Reprise)

About Mahasukha:  website  youtube  flickr

"In the rhythm of music a secret is hidden;
if I were to divulge it, it would overturn the world"    ~ Rumi

painter and artist


Aloka is a prolific artist deditcated to creating new images for the Triratna Community whilst drawing on 2,500 years of tradition. He sees his work as a continuation of the path of Buddhism: whenever Buddhism has gone into a new area, it's learnt from the area it's coming from and adapted to the area it's going to. He proceeds cautiously with his work:

We've had 2,500 years of these images communicating something spiritually to people that are a lot more evolved than any of us are. To just dismiss

them out of hand seems a little silly to me. Until we're in a position through spiritual experience to begin to throw up our own stuff, you proceed slowly. Every time Buddhism goes to a new area, for it to begin to throw up its own images and symbolism takes about 200 years and we've only had about 100. It's not going to happen in my lifetime, but if people don't do the work, it will never happen."

He sees his work as a series of stepping stones bridging traditional Buddhism with modern Western art. "When I first started, everything seemed very alien and it was more like copying. Now every time I do a painting it becomes a bit more 'ours'."

You can view more of Aloka's images here and at Padmaloka's website here.

motion graphics

Moving Vision


A mitra from the London Buddhist Centre, Stephen Heppel, has made an animation of the first two verses of the Dhammapada. On the page he also outlines his thoughts on Buddhism and Motion Graphics.

Click here to watch the film, or email Stephen at



pretty adorable

Lard wants world peace

We're not affiliated with this website, but we received an email from Lindsay who told us about her two friends, Keith and Daniel, who set it up.

It is intended to be simply part of a "good will revolution". Lard's random acts of kindness are well motivated but not everyone gets it. This can leave poor Lard feeling a bit disappointed; but not to worry. With the companionship of his rather grumpy dog Waffles, Lard's ready to fight the good fight again very soon indeed.

There is an archive on the site with all the past "daily peace tips" and this is worth looking through: see underneath this message for an example. It is possible to sign up (free) for "daily peace tips" which are a range of hopeful, positive suggestions and observations about living in a responsible way. It is also funny!

talk at the Centre

The Oasis in the Desert

a talk by Alokadhara

On Sangha Day, 9 November 2014, Alokadhara gave a talk on the importance of Buddhist Centres. They are an oasis in the jumbled world of anxiety, cravings and unanswered questions.

Click here to download the text of the talk and here to listen to the original talk given at Padmaloka in July 2013. Email if there are any issues accessing the material.

password protected

Resources for Teachers

This link takes you to the resources of meditation handouts, Buddhist course notes and papers by Sangharakshita and Subhuti.

You need a password to access it. Please email if you are a teacher at the Centre who would like to access the page.

Resources for Students

This link takes you to the resources page of handouts for the mitra study of the Triratna Buddhist Community.