Retreats / Day Events

Men's Meditation Morning

Sun 19 Aug
10am - 12pm noon

A morning of meditation for men. Jnanabhasa will be giving an introduction to the practice of Tonglen, giving and receiving, with a version of the practice that focuses on the four Brahmaviharas of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity. Led by Jnanabhasa.

Open to all men familiar with our two meditation practices.

No need to book, just turn up before 10am.

Donations welcome

The Wisdom of Relaxation – a Silent Retreat Day

Sun 2 Sep
10am - 4pm

Most of us have a degree of tension and anxiety in our lives. It’s not easy to engage with meditation and Buddhist practice when our body and mind are tense and over-stimulated. Relaxation, or letting go, is something we can learn to do. This silent retreat day will focus on entering the spaciousness of mind and body at ease. The day will include guided meditation, relaxing into sound, and plenty of silence. A silent day retreat with meditation, reflection, relaxation and exploration of the open dimension of mind.

Open to all familiar with our two meditation practices.

Led by Vajraguptā


Padmasambhava Day

At Norwich Buddhist Centre

Tues 18 Sep
6.30pm - 9pm

An evening celebrating the wisdom of Padmasambhava, the lotus-born guru, as a part of Three Jewels Night.

Led by Vajagupta & the Three Jewels Team

Donations welcome

Women's Mitra Morning

Sat 22 Sep

Arriving 10am for 10.30am - 12.30pm

A morning of shared practice and connection for all women mitras and order members at Norwich Buddhist Centre.

Donations welcome

Please sign up for this event with the Centre

Touch and Mindfulness Day

Sun 30 Sep

10am - 4pm

This experiential day will explore the impact of touch on our mind, body and emotions. Shraddhadhi will lead us into an exploration of our relationship with touch; how it is for us to be present and embodied whilst also allowing a connection with others. The day will involve paired and group exercises and led meditations. Led by Shraddhadhi, Rosen Method Practitioner and Workshop teacher.


Please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share

Norwich Jewelquest Day for Women Training for Ordination

Sun 14 Oct

10.30am - 4.15pm

Demons and Nagas - ‘Here Be Dragons’

The dragons of folklore guard the treasure. We will explore how our hardest personal struggles become our strengths and are a rich seam of energy and self-realisation. Bring along your demons and let’s explore them in the light of the Dharma with a talk by Sinhadakini, with artwork, discussion and ritual.

Suggested donation £15 / £10

Please bring a vegetarian lunch to share

Please book with the centre

Satipatthana Meditation - The Direct Path to Realisation

Sun 21 Oct
10am - 4pm

According to the Buddha, wisdom arises in dependence upon direct seeing that the five aggregates and the six sense bases are impermanent, bound up with suffering and devoid of a substantial self. On this day we will seek to observe these truths in our own experience. Open to those who have been meditating for at least a year. Led by Alokadhara.

Please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share


Men's Mitra Morning

Sat 17 Nov

10am - 1pm

An opportunity for men mitras and order members to come together at Norwich Buddhist Centre to practice the dharma and get to know one another more. The morning will involve, meditation, dharma study and a chance to drink tea and chat.

Donations welcome

Please sign up for this event with the Centre

Sangha Day Festival

At Norwich Buddhist Centre

Sun 25 Nov
10am - 4pm

A day celebrating the Sangha jewel, the spiritual community.

Led by Vajagupta & Satyagita

Please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share
Donations welcome

Living Awareness Meditation Day

Sun 9 Dec
9.30am - 4pm

A day of intensive meditation practice in an atmosphere of stillness and calm. Open to everyone familiar with our two meditation practices.
Led by Dayapanna

Please bring a vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share